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Orig. title: The relationship between ICT use and reading literacy

Engl. transl.: The relationship between ICT use and reading literacy

Data details

Year: 2009
Scope: National
Countries: Finland
Methodology: Empirical research – Quantitative
Methods of data collection: Survey
Researched Groups: Children
Children Ages: Adolescents (14-18 Years old)
Has Formal Ethical Clearance: Yes
Consents: Consent obtained from children
Informed Consent: Consent obtained
Ethics: Ethical considerations not mentioned
Data Set Availability: Data set in online repository
Data Set Link:
How to obtain the data: Account required: no. Way of acquisition: download directly from a website. Information needed to be provided: none. Restrictions: none. Notes: can be downloaded only in compressed large data packages.


To explore, with the data provided by OECD’s PISA surveys in 2000, 2003 and 2009, the reported ICT use in relation to reading literacy.

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