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European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD)_ Czech Republic

Data details

Year: 2015
Scope: Multinational
Countries: Czech Republic
Type: Empirical research – Quantitative
Methodologies: Survey
Researched Groups: Children
Children Ages: Adolescents (14-18 Years old)
Informed Consent: No consent needed
Ethics: Ethical considerations and/or protocol mentioned in the research design
Data Set Availability: Data set in online repository
Data Set Link:
How to obtain the data: Account required: no. Way of acquisition: upon demand via an online form. Information needed to be provided: full name, credentials, contact, intent. Requirements: PhD degree. Notes: possible to request access to multiple ESPAD datafiles at once.


The overall aim of ESPAD is to collect comparable data on substance use among 15–16 year old students in as many European countries as possible. The most important objectives in the long run are to monitor trends, and to compare trends between countries and groups of countries. In order to do so, the surveys are repeated every four years, with 1995 as the starting point. The study regularly (every 4 years) collates data from more than 30 European countries through a unified methodology of sampling and field data collection applied in participating countries, providing internationally comparable data.

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