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CATCH-EyoU (Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth)

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Year: 2018
Scope: Multinational
Countries: Italy; Sweden; Germany; Greece; Portugal; Czech Republic; United Kingdom; Estonia
Type: Empirical research – Mixed methods
Methodologies: Survey; Textual / documentary / content analysis; Ethnography / participant observation; Interview; Focus group; Case study
Researched Groups: Individuals (whole population, children included)
Children Ages: Adolescents (14-18 Years old)
Funder: Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Grant Agreement no. 649538)
Funder Types: European Union / Commission
Has Formal Ethical Clearance: Yes
Consents: Consent obtained from children
Informed Consent: Consent obtained
Ethics: Ethical considerations not mentioned
Data Set Availability: Data set in online repository
Data Set Link:
How to obtain the data: Account required: no. Way of acquisition: download directly from a website. Personal information needed to be provided: none. Restrictions: none. Notes: includes several standalone surveys some of which may be under embargo at the moment.


"The CATCH-EyoU project aims to identify ways and means by which we can help cultivate a new generation of young European citizens, in a complex historical period, characterized by unprecedented challenges to the EU political project (e.g. UK vote to exit from the EU, growth of populist and racism movements)." (Periodic Reporting for period 2)

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