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Orig. title: Growing up in Ireland

Engl. transl.: Growing up in Ireland

Data details

Year: 2016
Scope: National
Countries: Ireland
Type: Empirical research – Mixed methods
Methodologies: Survey; Interview
Researched Groups: Children; Parents
Children Ages: All (0-18 years old); Preschool (0-5 Years old); Kids (6-10 Years old); Pre-adolescents (11-13 Years old); Adolescents (14-18 Years old); Young adults (19-24 Years old)
Funder: Government funded
Funder Types: National Government / Ministry
Has Formal Ethical Clearance: Yes
Consents: Consent obtained from parents
Informed Consent: Consent obtained
Ethics: Ethical considerations and/or protocol mentioned in the research design
Data Set Availability: Data set in online repository
Data Set Link:
How to obtain the data: Account required: no. Way of acquisition: upon demand via an online application form. Personal information needed to be provided: full name, credentials, contact. Restrictions: none. Notes: different application forms for research purposes and teaching.


Growing Up in Ireland is a Government-funded study of children being carried out jointly by the ESRI and Trinity College Dublin. It is managed by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (formerly Department of Children and Youth Affairs) in association with the Central Statistics Office. The study started in 2006 and follows the progress of two groups of children: 8,000 9-year-olds (Child Cohort/Cohort ’98) and 10,000 9-month-olds (Infant Cohort/Cohort ’08). The members of the Child Cohort are now aged about 23 years and those of the Infant Cohort are around 13 years old

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