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Orig. title: Cracking the criminal mind: een verkenning van toekomstige cybercriminele verdienmodellen

Engl. transl.: cracking the criminal mind: an exploration of future cybercriminal business models

Publication details

Year: 2019
Issued: 2019
Language: Dutch
Start Page: 1
End Page: 77
Authors: Kerstens J.; Westers S; Riemersma S
Type: Report and working paper
Topics: Risks and harms
Sample: 57 students (age 18-30 years). 26 male, 31 female. 23 police officers.
Implications For Stakeholders About: Other
Other Stakeholder Implication: police



1. There were none or barely new business models identified. Introduced ideas were not specific or applicable enough. 2. There are a few useful disturbance possibilities invented, of which one led to specific future steps. 3. Both students and police officiers have learned from this public-private collaboration and both gained new insights 4. New insights are gained in critical succesfactors. Participants have suggested specific and practical applicable points of imporvement. This can be useful for future learning communities.

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