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Orig. title: Ortaokul ve Lise Öğrencilerinin Bilgisayar Oyunu Oynama Alışkanlıkları ve Oyun Tercihleri Üzerine Bir Araştırma

Engl. transl.: A Study On Computer Game Habits And Game Preferences Of Secondary And High School Students


Computer games game habits game addiction

Publication details

Year: 2017
Issued: 2017
Language: Turkish
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Start Page: 78
End Page: 87
Authors: Taylan H.; Kara H.; Durğun A.
Type: Journal article
Journal: PESA International Journal of Social Studies
Topics: Wellbeing; Internet usage, practices and engagement
Sample: The universe of the research was determined as a secondary school and a high school level education in two institutions in the province of Sakarya. The research was carried out with a total of 217 participants, as a result of the students who were identified by the random sampling technique in the selected schools, informed about the research and verbal consent was obtained based on the principle of voluntary participation. Before reaching the sample of 217 people, the research was tested with 20 middle school students in order to determine the functionality of the questionnaire, and it was carried out after obtaining positive results.
Implications For Parents About: Parenting guidance / support
Implications For Policy Makers About: Other
Other PolicyMaker Implication: Supervising the sales of age-limited games


With the widespread use of the Internet and computers in the world, the entertainment industry has acquired a huge new market for itself. "Digital games" are an important part of the share in the new entertainment market. As traditional games leave their place to digital games, changes in their gaming habits, preferences and genres have come to the fore. Changes in the scene cause children and adolescents to spend more time in the virtual world, which causes children and adolescents to exhibit negative behavior by adversely affecting their psycho-social health. This research is a quantitative study carried out with the attendance of 200 students who are studying in a secondary school and a high school determined in the province of Sakarya. The students who participated in the survey had equal and 71% of the respondents who answered "There is a computer in my home" and "I have internet connection at home". The games that the participants play most are the GTA series with a ratio of 63.6%. 56% of those who said that they played one of the games of the GTA series gave “Sometimes”, "Frequent" and "Always" answers to this question in response to the question "I get angry if someone blocks me when I am playing computer games".


The most preferred games by the participants were Action/Adventure games with 41.5%. Sports/Racing games took place in the second place with a rate of 18.5% as the preferred game type. The remarkable point is that the playing rate of GTA Series games is 63%. As stated on the game's website (, 2016) there is a +18-year-old limit, containing intense violence, blood, nudity, vulgar language, adult humor, intense sexual content, drug and alcohol use. The fact that the game is the most played game among children and young people shows once again that the control mechanisms cannot fulfill their functions properly, as it was said before. The answer of "Always" (80%) given by children and young people who play GTA Series games to the question "I show the characteristics of my game character on the computer in real life" was 4 times the answer of "Always" (20%) given by those who did not play this game. Considering the game contents, children and young people playing this game constitute a very large risk group.

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