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2020 Calmbach M., Flaig B., Edwards J. et. al. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Wie ticken Jugendliche? Sinus-Jugendstudie 2020

Engl. transl.: What makes young people tick? Sinus Youth Study 2020

2015 Nouwen M., Van Mechelen M., Zaman B. Other

A value sensitive design approach to parental software for young children

2019 Ponte C., Pereira S., Castro T. Journal article

Parenting young children in changing media environments with twenty years apart

2021 Waeterloos C., Walrave M., Ponnet K. Journal article

Designing and validating the Social Media Political Participation Scale: An instrument to measure political participation on social media

2017 De Wilde V., Eyckmans J. Journal article

Game on! Young learners’ incidental language learning of English prior to instruction

2020 Tjønndal A., Skauge M. Journal article

Youth sport 2.0? The development of eSports in Norway from 2016 to 2019

2020 Mikuška J., Smahel D., Dědková L. et. al. Journal article

Social relational factors of excessive internet use in four European countries

2015 Smahel D., Wright M., Cernikova M. Journal article

The impact of digital media on health: children’s perspectives

2014 Ševčíková A., Šerek J., Barbovschi M. et. al. Journal article

The Roles of Individual Characteristics and Liberalism in Intentional and Unintentional Exposure to Online Sexual Material Among European Youth: A Multilevel Approach

2018 Lopes F., Cordovil R., Neto C. Journal article

Independent Mobility and Social Affordances of Places for Urban Neighborhoods: A Youth-Friendly Perspective