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2018 De Ridder S. Journal article

Sexting as sexual stigma: The paradox of sexual self-representation in digital youth cultures

2020 Zarouali B., Verdoodt V., Walrave M. et. al. Journal article

Adolescents’ advertising literacy and privacy protection strategies in the context of targeted advertising on social networking sites: implications for regulation

2015 Wauters E., Lievens E., Valcke P. Journal article

Children as social network actors: A European legal perspective on challenges concerning membership, rights, conduct and liability

2017 De Pauw P., Hudders L., Cauberghe V. Journal article

Disclosing brand placement to young children

2018 De Jans S., Hudders L., Cauberghe V. Journal article

Adolescents’ self-reported level of dispositional advertising literacy: how do adolescents resist advertising in the current commercial media environment?

2020 Joyce Vissenberg , D'Haenens L. Journal article

“I sometimes have doubts about the news on Facebook”: Adolescents’ encounters with fake news on the internet

2019 Marôpo L., Jorge A., Tomaz R. Journal article

“I felt like I was really talking to you!”: intimacy and trust among teen vloggers and followers in Portugal and Brazil

2020 Vanwesenbeeck I., Hudders L., Ponnet K. Journal article

Understanding the YouTube Generation: How Preschoolers Process Television and YouTube Advertising

2016 Mostmans L. Journal article

Internet mediation and the family gap: explorative ethnographic interviews in new family forms in Belgium

2015 De Ridder S., van Bauwel S. Journal article

Youth and intimate media cultures: Gender, sexuality, relationships, and desire as storytelling practices in social networking sites