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Orig. title: KidsVerbraucherAnalyse (KidsVA) 2014

Engl. transl.: KidsConsumerAnalysis (KidsVA) 2014


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Publication details

Year: 2014
Issued: 2014
Language: German
Authors: Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH
Type: Report and working paper
Topics: Internet usage, practices and engagement
Sample: n = 1.660 joint interviews with one child (aged 6 to 13) and one parent n = 397 parent interview with parents of 4- and 5-year-old children


The Kids Consumer Analysis (KidsVA) has been researching the media and consumer behaviour of children aged 6 to 13 for more than 20 years. This year 1,660 children in Germany were interviewed with one parent present. This random sample represents 5,83 million German-speaking children and adolescents. Additionally, 397 interviews were conducted with parents of children aged 4 and 5. This sample represents 1,39 million children. The study is used for marketing and advertising planning among young target groups and provides data for a variety of research interests.


The research evidence shows that books and magazines continue to be relevant for children, even while their access to the digital world is growing. Nonetheless, children spend time online, too. Using the internet is becoming more important for children - older children are online almost daily. Smartphones are gaining in popularity to access the web. Compared to 2013, the number of children who own a smartphone has doubled. But the traditional mobile phone is also still in use.

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