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2020 Haddon L., Cino D., Doyle M.-A. et. al. Report and working paper

Children's and young people's digital skills: a systematic evidence review

2020 Mascheroni G., Cino D., Mikuška J. et. al. Report and working paper

Digital skills, risks and wellbeing among European children: Report on (f)actors that explain online acquisition, cognitive, physical, psychological and social wellbeing, and the online resilience of children and young people

2022 Vissenberg J., Spurava G., Terčová N. et. al. Report and working paper

Report on the role of critical information skills in recognising mis- and disinformation

2022 Cino D., Brandsen S., Bressa N. et. al. Report and working paper

Young People's Digital Skills Practices in Non-formal Learning Contexts: observations, interviews, co-design

2022 Mascheroni G., Cino D. Short report

Orig. title: Risultati della prima somministrazione della survey ySKILLS - Italia

Engl. transl.: Findings from the first wave of the ySKILLS school survey - Italy

2022 Parsanoglou D., Mifsud L., Ayllón S. et. al. Report and working paper

Combining innovative methodological tools to approach digital transformations in leisure among children and young people

2022 Seland I., Aldrich R., Ayllón S. et. al. Report and working paper

Understanding children and young people as digital citizens

2022 Eickelmann B., Casamassima G., Labusch A. et. al. Report and working paper

Children and young people’s narratives and perceptions of ICT in education in selected European countries complemented by perspectives of teachers and further relevant stakeholders in the education context

2022 Kapella O., Schmidt E., Vogl S. Report and working paper

Integration of digital technologies in families with children aged 5-10 years - A synthesis report of four European country case studies

2023 Thiel K., Lampert C. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Wahrnehmung, Bewertung und Bewältigung belastender Online-Erfahrungen von Jugendlichen. Eine qualitative Studie im Rahmen des Projekts "SIKID - Sicherheit für Kinder in der digitalen Welt"

Engl. transl.: Perception, evaluation and coping with stressful online experiences of adolescents. A qualitative study within the project "SIKID - Safety for Children in the Digital World".