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2017 Van Ouytsel J., Ponnet K., Walrave M. et. al. Journal article

Adolescent sexting from a social learning perspective

2014 Vandoninck S., d’Haenens L. Journal article

Ways to avoid problematic situations and negative experiences: Children’s preventive measures online

2020 Vissenberg J., d'Haenens L. Journal article

Protecting Youths’ Wellbeing Online: Studying the Associations between Opportunities, Risks, and Resilience

2015 Vandoninck S., d'Haenens L. Journal article

Children's online coping strategies: Rethinking coping typologies in a risk-specific approach

2020 Joyce Vissenberg , D'Haenens L. Journal article

“I sometimes have doubts about the news on Facebook”: Adolescents’ encounters with fake news on the internet

2019 Marôpo L., Jorge A., Tomaz R. Journal article

“I felt like I was really talking to you!”: intimacy and trust among teen vloggers and followers in Portugal and Brazil

2017 Symons K., Ponnet K., Walrave M. et. al. Journal article

Orig. title: Cyberpesten bij jongeren

Engl. transl.: Cyberbullying among youth

2018 Verswijvel K., Heirman W., Hardies K. et. al. Journal article

Adolescents' Reasons to Unfriend on Facebook

2020 Festl R. Journal article

Social media literacy & adolescent social online behavior in Germany

2017 Blue Ocean Entertainment AG, Gruner + Jahr GmbH, Panini Verlags GmbH et. al. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Kinder-Medien-Studie (KMS) 2017

Engl. transl.: Children-Media-Study (KMS) 2017