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2015 Shell Deutschland Holding GmbH Book

Orig. title: Jugend 2015. Eine pragmatische Generation im Aufbruch

Engl. transl.: Youth 2015. A pragmatic generation on the move

2018 Medienpädagogischer Forschungsverbund Südwest Report and working paper

Orig. title: FIM-Studie 2016: Familie, Interaktion, Medien. Untersuchung zur Kommunikation und Mediennutzung in Familien

Engl. transl.: FIM Study 2016: Family, Interaction, Media. Study on communication and media use in families

2018 Brito R., Dias P., Oliveira G. Journal article

Orig. title: Young children, digital media and smart toys: How perceptions shape adoption and domestication

Engl. transl.: Young children, digital media and smart toys: How perceptions shape adoption and domestication

2017 de Almeida A.N., Delicado A. Book chapter

Orig. title: Crianças online: metodologias visuais, novas descobertas e desafios éticos

Engl. transl.: Children online: visual methodologies, new discoveries and ethical challenges

2019 Albert M., Hurrelmann K., Quenzel G. et. al. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Jugend 2019 – 18. Shell Jugendstudie

Engl. transl.: Youth 2019 – 18. Shell Youth Study

2017 Caetano A., Amado J., Martins M. et. al. Journal article


Engl. transl.: Cyberbullying: motives of aggression from the perspective of young Portuguese

2016 Lopes F., Neto C., Madeira R. Conference proceeding

Orig. title: Espacialistas emocionais: a Criança na Cidade

Engl. transl.: Emotional spatialists: the Child in the City (translated by the coder)

2020 Ponte C., Batista S. Book chapter

Orig. title: Ambientes familiares e mediações digitais

Engl. transl.: Family environments and digital mediations (translated by the coder))

2020 Pereira Dias de Castro T., Ponte C. Book chapter

“Be Careful with Whom You Speak to on the Internet”—Framing Anxiety in Parental Mediation, Through Children’s Perspectives in Portugal

2018 Zilka G. Journal article

Аlways with them: smartphone use by children, adolescents, and young adults—characteristics, habits of use, sharing, and satisfaction of needs