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2019 Karatza Z. Journal article

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a Tool of Differentiated Instruction: An Informative Intervention and a Comparative Study on Educators’ Views and Extent of ICT Use

2019 Festl R., Langmeyer A., Walper S. Report and working paper

Orig. title: JUNG! DIGITAL! SOZIAL? Erklärungsfaktoren für Online-Sozialkompetenzen im Kindes- und Jugendalter

Engl. transl.: YOUNG! DIGITAL! SOCIAL? Explanatory factors for online social skills in childhood and adolescence

2018 Grigutytė N., Raižienė S., Pakalniškienė V. et. al. Journal article

Orig. title: Lietuvos vaikų naudojimosi internetu 2010 ir 2018 metais ypatumų palyginimas

Engl. transl.: Lithuanian Children on the Internet: A Comparison of the Use of Internet in 2010 and 2018

2019 Grigutytė N., Raižienė S., Pakalniškienė V. Journal article

Orig. title: Vaikų (ne)dalyvavimas elektroninėse patyčiose ir emociniai bei elgesio sunkumai

Engl. transl.: Children’s (Non-)Participation in Cyberbullying and Emotional, Behavioural Problems

2020 Tzima S., Styliaras G., Bassounas A. et. al. Journal article

Harnessing the Potential of Storytelling and Mobile Technology in Intangible Cultural Heritage: A Case Study in Early Childhood Education in Sustainability

2020 Stathopoulou A., Loukeris D., Karabatzaki Z. et. al. Journal article

Evaluation of Mobile Apps Effectiveness in Children with Autism Social Training via Digital Social Stories

2019 Nikolopoulou K., Kousloglou M. Journal article

Mobile Learning in Science: A Study in Secondary Education in Greece

2020 Rasmussen P. , Søndergaard D. M. Journal article

Orig. title: Traveling imagery - Young people’s sexualized digital practices

Engl. transl.: Traveling imagery - Young people’s sexualized digital practices

2019 Papadakis S., Zaranis N., Kalogiannakis M. Journal article

Parental involvement and attitudes towards young Greek children’s mobile usage

2018 Papadakis S., Kalogiannakis M., Zaranis N. Journal article

The effectiveness of computer and tablet assisted intervention in early childhood students’ understanding of numbers. An empirical study conducted in Greece