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2018 De Ridder S. Journal article

Sexting as sexual stigma: The paradox of sexual self-representation in digital youth cultures

2017 De Ridder S. Journal article

Social Media and Young People’s Sexualities: Values, Norms, and Battlegrounds

2015 De Ridder S., Van Bauwel S. Journal article

The discursive construction of gay teenagers in times of mediatization: youth's reflections on intimate storytelling, queer shame and realness in popular social media places

2020 Bauwens J., Gabriels K., Mostmans L. Journal article

Navigating Onlife Privacy: A Family Environment Perspective on Children’s Moral Principles

2014 Mostmans L., Bauwens J., Pierson J. Journal article

“I would never post that”: Children, moral sensitivity and online disclosure

2015 Bleumers L., Mouws K., Huyghe J. et. al. Other

Sensitivity to parental play beliefs and mediation in young children's hybrid play activities

2017 Bieke Zaman , Nouwen M., Jafarinaimi N. Report and working paper

Parental controls: reimagining technologies for parent-child interaction

2016 Zaman B., Nouwen M., Vanattenhoven J. et. al. Journal article

A Qualitative Inquiry into the Contextualized Parental Mediation Practices of Young Children’s Digital Media Use at Home

2015 Nouwen M., Van Mechelen M., Zaman B. Other

A value sensitive design approach to parental software for young children

2020 Zaman B., Holloway D., Green L. et. al. Journal article

Opposing narratives about children’s digital media use: a critical discourse analysis of online public advice given to parents in Australia and Belgium