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2018 van den Eijnden R., Koning I., Doornwaard S. et. al. Journal article

The impact of heavy and disordered use of games and social media on adolescents’ psychological, social, and school functioning

2018 Beyens I., Valkenburg P., Piotrowski J. Journal article

Developmental Trajectories of Parental Mediation Across Early and Middle Childhood

2019 Beyens I., Valkenburg P. Journal article

Parental Media Mediation in Adolescence: A Comparative Study of Parent and Adolescent Reports

2019 Nikkelen S., van Oosten J., van den Borne M. Journal article

Sexuality Education in the Digital Era: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Predictors of Online Sexual Information Seeking Among Youth

2015 Antonietti A. Book chapter

Orig. title: Media education. Che ruolo nelle difficoltà di apprendimento?

Engl. transl.: Media Education. What role does it play in learning difficulties?

2015 Grimaldi R., Palmieri S. Book chapter

Orig. title: Robotica e coding. Le nuove sfide della scuola.

Engl. transl.: Robotics and coding. New challenges for schools

2015 Robasto D. Book chapter

Orig. title: Pedagogia delle differenze di genere e social media

Engl. transl.: Pedagogy of gender differences and social media

2015 Cazzoli S. Book chapter

Orig. title: Exergame video web–based per i break di educazione fisica. L’esperienza italiana nella scuola secondaria di secondo grado

Engl. transl.: Physical Education +Plus The use of digital platforms during school breaks for the improvement of physical education and health.

2016 Casa Branca C., Grangeia H., Cruz O. Journal article

Orig. title: Grooming Online em Portugal: um estudo exploratório

Engl. transl.: Online Grooming in Portugal: an exploratory study (translated by the coder)

2016 Caetano A., Freire I., Simão A. et. al. Journal article

Orig. title: Emoções no cyberbullying: um estudo com adolescentes portugueses

Engl. transl.: Emotions in Cyberbullying: A study with Portuguese teenagers