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2016 Micheli M. Journal article

Social networking sites and low-income teenagers: between opportunity and inequality

2020 Calmbach M., Flaig B., Edwards J. et. al. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Wie ticken Jugendliche? Sinus-Jugendstudie 2020

Engl. transl.: What makes young people tick? Sinus Youth Study 2020

2015 De Ridder S., Van Bauwel S. Journal article

The discursive construction of gay teenagers in times of mediatization: youth's reflections on intimate storytelling, queer shame and realness in popular social media places

2019 Korkmazer B., De Ridder S., Van Bauwel S. Journal article

Reporting on young people, sexuality, and social media: a discourse theoretical analysis

2020 Van Ouytsel J., Walrave M., De Marez L. et. al. Journal article

A first investigation into gender minority adolescents’ sexting experiences

2018 Carvalho M. Book chapter

Orig. title: Crianças e Meios Eletrónicos em Territórios Socialmente Desfavorecidos: Um Olhar Sobre (Outros) Mundos da Infância

Engl. transl.: Children and Electronic Media in Socially Disadvantaged Territories: A Look At (Other) Childhood Worlds (translated by the coder)

2019 Van Ouytsel J., Walrave M., Ponnet K. Journal article

An Exploratory Study of Sexting Behaviors Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Early Adolescents

2020 Mikuška J., Smahel D., Dědková L. et. al. Journal article

Social relational factors of excessive internet use in four European countries

2020 Dardanou M., Unstad T., Brito R. et. al. Journal article

Use of touchscreen technology by 0–3-year-old children: Parents’ practices and perspectives in Norway, Portugal and Japan

2020 Papageorgiou E. Journal article

The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on the Emotional Education of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Views of Specialist Educators and Psychologists