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2017 Brito R., Dias P. Journal article

Orig. title: A participação ética de crianças com menos de 8 anos em investigação qualitativa

Engl. transl.: The participation of young children (under 8) in qualitative research

2017 Spilková J., Chomynová P., Csémy L. Journal article

Predictors of excessive use of social media and excessive online gaming in Czech teenagers

2016 Pavelka J., Husarova D., Ševčíková A. et. al. Journal article

Country, age, and gender differences in the prevalence of screen-based behaviour and family-related factors among school-aged children

2020 Tjønndal A., Skauge M. Journal article

Youth sport 2.0? The development of eSports in Norway from 2016 to 2019

2020 Mikuška J., Smahel D., Dědková L. et. al. Journal article

Social relational factors of excessive internet use in four European countries

2020 Dardanou M., Unstad T., Brito R. et. al. Journal article

Use of touchscreen technology by 0–3-year-old children: Parents’ practices and perspectives in Norway, Portugal and Japan

2014 Smahel D., Wright M., Cernikova M. Journal article

Classification of online problematic situations in the context of youths’ development

2014 Ševčíková A., Šerek J., Barbovschi M. et. al. Journal article

The Roles of Individual Characteristics and Liberalism in Intentional and Unintentional Exposure to Online Sexual Material Among European Youth: A Multilevel Approach

2020 Pfaff-Rüdiger S., Oberlinner A., Eggert S. Report and working paper

Orig. title: Zwischen Bibi Blocksberg und Alexa. Medienbiographische Erfahrungen von Eltern und ihr Einfluss auf die Medienerziehung. Zweiter Bericht der Teilstudie „Mobile Medien und Internet im Kindesalter – Fokus Familie"

Engl. transl.: Between Bibi Blocksberg and Alexa. Media biographical experiences of parents and their influence on media education. Second report of the sub-study "Mobile Medien und Internet im Kindesalter – Fokus Familie"

2019 DAK-Gesundheit Report and working paper

Orig. title: Geld für Games – wenn Computerspiel zum Glücksspiel wird. Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Befragung von Kindern und Jugendlichen im Alter von 12 bis 17 Jahren

Engl. transl.: Money for games - when computer games turn to gambling. Results of a representative survey of children and adolescents aged 12 to 17 years