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Social networking sites and low-income teenagers

Study details

Year: 2012
Scope: Local
Countries: Italy
Methodology: Empirical research – Mixed methods
Methods of data collection: Survey; Interview
Researched Groups: Children
Children Ages: Adolescents (14-18 Years old)
Funder: Regione Lombardia - European Social Fund
Funder Types: European Union / Commission; Regional Government
Informed Consent: Consent not mentioned
Ethics: Ethical considerations and/or protocol mentioned in the research design
Data Set Availability: Not mentioned


The research was driven by three main questions: (1) Does socio-economic background shape how teenagers use SNSs? (2) How do teenagers make sense of Facebook and does this vary as a function of their socio-economic status? (3) To what extent do social media usage patterns confirm or challenge established findings in digital divide research?

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