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Orig. title: Crescendo entre ecrãs. Usos de meios eletrónicos por crianças (3-8 anos)

Engl. transl.: Growing up among screens. Uses of electronic devices by children (3-8 years)

Study details

Year: 2016
Scope: National
Countries: Portugal
Methodology: Empirical research – Mixed methods
Methods of data collection: Survey; Interview; Ethnography / participant observation
Researched Groups: Children; Parents
Children Ages: Preschool (0-5 Years old); Kids (6-10 Years old)
Funder: Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação (ERC)
Funder Types: Regulator
Has Formal Ethical Clearance: Yes
Consents: Consent obtained from parents; Consent obtained from children
Informed Consent: Consent obtained
Data Set Availability: Not mentioned


Filling the gap of absence of information related to young children's audiovisual media use in Portugal, this study seeks to characterize audiovisual media environments in families. Goals: • Identify the forms of access and use of electronic media (television, computers, games consoles, mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.) by children aged from 3 to 8, at home; • Describe how parents supervise the use of electronic media, their attitudes, concerns and contextual factors that affect this supervision. These objectives led to a set of guiding questions: • What are the processes and dynamics of the relationship between children of this age and the media? How are television and digital media present in the daily life of younger children at home? • How do 3-8-year-old children interact with electronic media? • How does the use and possession of electronic media affect the skills and interests of children of this age? • What role do digital and electronic media play in the child’s daily life: entertainment, learning, occupying free time, among others? • How are the practices of interaction with electronic screens described by parents? • Are children's practices affected by their parents' considerations about the place of the media in their children’s lives? • How do parents socialize children through television and digital media, taking their expectations, concerns and social pressures into consideration?

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