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Orig. title: Een kinderrechten-perspectief op privacy en databescherming in het digitale tijdperk

Engl. transl.: A children’s rights perspective on privacy and data protection in the digital age

Study details

Year: 2017
Scope: Multinational
Countries: Other
Methodology: Other
Methods of data collection: Textual / documentary / content analysis
Researched Groups: Other
Other Researched Group: Legislation: human rights documents and data protection instruments, children's rights documents, GDPR
Funder: Ghent University
Funder Types: University
Data Set Availability: Not mentioned


The research essentially aims to examine whether and how the right to privacy and data protection for children and youth in the digital age should be re-thought. The project focuses on a critical analysis of the child’s right to privacy and data protection and investigates whether there is a need for a re-conceptualisation of those rights in the light of recent legal, technological and social developments.

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