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Parents’ Instrumental use of Media in Childrearing: Relationships with Confidence in Parenting, and Health and Conduct Problems in Children

Study details

Year: 2014
Scope: National
Countries: Netherlands
Methodology: Empirical research – Quantitative
Methods of data collection: Survey
Researched Groups: Parents
Children Ages: Preschool (0-5 Years old); Pre-adolescents (11-13 Years old); Kids (6-10 Years old)
Has Formal Ethical Clearance: Yes
Consents: Consent obtained from parents
Informed Consent: Consent obtained
Ethics: Ethical considerations and/or protocol mentioned in the research design
Data Set Availability: Not mentioned


RQ1: Whether different types of instrumental use of media in parenting can be discerned RQ2: To which extent do parents (dis)agree with the instrumental use of media in their parenting Which parent and family background variables, together with the parent's views on the parenting of their child, explain the parent's endorsement of instrumental use of media

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