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Orig. title: Online-Angebote und Persönlichkeitsschutz – ACT ON! Short Report Nr. 1

Engl. transl.: Online offers and protection of privacy - ACT ON! Short Report No. 1


risks information safety strategies

Publication details

Year: 2015
Issued: 2015
Language: German
Authors: Gebel C.; Schubert G.; Wagner U.
Type: Report and working paper
Publisher: JFF – Institut für Medienpädagogik in Forschung und Praxis
Place: München
Topics: Internet usage, practices and engagement; Risks and harms
Sample: n = 103 (children aged 12 to 14)
Implications For Parents About: Parental digital literacy ; Parenting guidance / support
Implications For Educators About: Digital citizenship
Implications For Policy Makers About: Creating a safe environment for children online


This Short Report No. 1 presents the first results of the monitoring study conducted by the project "ACT ON!". It overviews the online risks and offerings discussed by 12- to 14-year-olds. The report highlights the perspective of adolescents concerning important online activities, risks, and motives.


Adolescents are using their smartphone to gain access to a large variety of apps and other online platforms. Although their social environment influences their online activity strongly, communication with peers about their media usage is lacking. Adolescents describe that most online networks and their underlining commercial interest are not transparent. At the same time, the results show that adolescents are aware of online security and privacy issues. Nevertheless, they are not able to transfer this knowledge into actions while being online. Therefore, the security features of social networks are rarely in use.

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