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2014 Theocharis Y., Quintelier E. Journal article

Stimulating citizenship or expanding entertainment? The effect of Facebook on adolescent participation

2016 De Decker B., Vandekerckhove R., Sandra D. Journal article

When Two Basic Principles Clash: About the Validity of Written Chat Language as a Research Tool for Spoken Language Variation. Flemish Chatspeak as a Test Case

2017 De Wilde V., Eyckmans J. Journal article

Game on! Young learners’ incidental language learning of English prior to instruction

2019 Hilte L., Vandekerckhove R., Daelemans W. Journal article

Adolescents’ perceptions of social media writing: Has non-standard become the new standard?

2021 Stecher S., Bamberger A., Gebel C. et. al. Short report

Orig. title: Online-Angebote, Datenauswertung und personalisierte Werbung – ACT ON! Short Report Nr. 8

Engl. transl.: Online offers, data analysis and personalised advertising – ACT ON! Short Report No. 8

2019 Gebel C., Oberlinner A., Stecher S. et. al. Short report

Orig. title: Orientierung von 11- bis 14-Jährigen auf YouTube – ACT ON! Short Report Nr. 5

Engl. transl.: Orientation of 11- to 14-year-olds on YouTube – ACT ON! Short Report No. 5

2016 Gebel C., Schubert G., Wagner U. Short report

Orig. title: „Ich darf nur YouTube.“ Die Perspektive von Zehn- bis 14-Jährigen auf Online-Medien und Online-Risiken. Ergebnisse und Schlussfolgerungen aus der Monitoring-Studie des Projekts ACT ON!

Engl. transl.: "Ich darf nur YouTube." The perspective of ten- to 14-year-olds on online media and online risks. Results and conclusions from the monitoring study of the project ACT ON!

2017 Costa C., Sousa C., Rogado J. et. al. Journal article

Playing Digital Security: Youth Voices on their Digital Rights

2017 de Almeida A.N., Delicado A. Book chapter

Orig. title: Crianças online: metodologias visuais, novas descobertas e desafios éticos

Engl. transl.: Children online: visual methodologies, new discoveries and ethical challenges

2014 Dědková L., Černá A., Janasova K. et. al. Journal article

Meeting online strangers offline: The nature of upsetting experiences of adolescent girls