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2020 Stevanovic D., Djoric A., Balhara Y. et. al. Journal article

Assessing the symptoms of Internet Gaming Disorder among college/university students: An international validation study of a self-report

2017 Cernikova M., Smahel D., Wright M. Journal article

Children’s Experiences and Awareness about Impact of Digital Media on Health

2020 Glumbic N., Brojcin B., Zunic-Pavlovic V. et. al. Journal article

Problematic mobile phone use among adolescents with mild intellectual disability

2015 Škařupová K., Ólafsson K., Blinka L. Journal article

The effect of smartphone use on trends in European adolescents’ excessive Internet use

2016 Ševčíková A. Journal article

Girls' and boys' experience with teen sexting in early and late adolescence

2014 Blinka L., Škařupová K., Ševčíková A. et. al. Journal article

Excessive internet use in European adolescents: What determines differences in severity?

2015 Sigmund E., Sigmundová D., Badura P. et. al. Journal article

Temporal Trends in Overweight and Obesity, Physical Activity and Screen Time among Czech Adolescents from 2002 to 2014: A National Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children Study

2020 Poláčková V., Hanuliaková J., Hollá K. Conference proceeding

Trust as the determinant that affects sexting

2019 Kuzmanovic D., Pavlovic Z., Popadic D. et. al. Report and working paper

Internet and Digital Technology Use among Children and Youth in Serbia EU Kids Online Survey Results, 2018

2020 Matović M., Zunić-Pavlović V. Journal article

Orig. title: Povezanost restriktivnih strategija roditeljskog nadzora i digitalnog nasilja u adolescenciji

Engl. transl.: Relationship between restrictive strategies of parental control and digital violence in adolescence