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2018 Siibak A., Otsus M. Journal article

Orig. title: "Mingid bikiinides pildid ei ole OK!" Õpetajate enesepresentatsioon ja interaktsioon sotsiaalmeedias: õpilaste arvamused ja kogemused

Engl. transl.: Bikini pictures are not OK. Teachers’ self-representation and interaction on social media: opinions and experiences of students

2016 Nevski E., Siibak A. Journal article

Mediation practices of parents and older siblings in guiding toddler's touchscreen technology use: an ethnographic case study

2015 Palts K., Kalmus V. Journal article

Digital channels in teacher-parent communication: The case of Estonia

2019 Murumaa-Mengel M., Siibak A. Journal article

Compelled To Be an Outsider: How Students on a Social Media Detox Self-construct Their Generation

2015 Talves K., Kalmus V. Journal article

Gendered mediation of children’s internet use: A keyhole for looking into changing socialization practices

2017 Juszczyk S., Vargová M., Uhrinová M. et. al. Journal article

Family as One of the Key Determinants of Media Education of Young School-age Children

2017 Rozgonjuk D., Täht K. Journal article

To what extent does Internet use affect academic performance? Using Evidence from the large-scale PISA study

2019 Lipu M., Siibak A. Journal article

‘Take it down!’: Estonian parents’ and pre-teens’ opinions and experiences with sharenting

2015 Karaseva A., Siibak A., Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt P. Journal article

Relationships between teachers` pedagogical beliefs, subject cultures, and mediation practices of students' use of digital technology

2018 Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt P. Book chapter

CHARGE on: Digital parenting of a child with rare genetic syndrome with the help of Facebook group