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2021 Institut für Jugendkulturforschung Short report

Orig. title: Die neuen Vorbilder der Jugend 2021

Engl. transl.: The new role models of adolescents in 2021

2020 Şahin B., Usta M. Journal article

Use of social media and autistic traits in adolescents diagnosed with major depressive disorder

2012 Yang F., Helgason A., Sigfusdottir I. et. al. Journal article

Electronic screen use and mental well-being of 10-12-year-old children

2014 Masanet M., Buckingham D. Journal article

Advice on life? Online fan forums as a space for peer-to-peer sex and relationships education

2019 Wachs S., Wright M., Sittichai R. et. al. Journal article

Associations between Witnessing and Perpetrating Online Hate in Eight Countries: The Buffering Effects of Problem-Focused Coping

2019 López de Ayala López M.C., Martínez-Pastor E., Catalina-García B. Journal article

Orig. title: Nuevas estrategias de mediación parental en el uso de las redes sociales por adolescentes

Engl. transl.: New strategies of parental mediation in the use of social networks by adolescents

2019 Muñiz-Rivas M., Vera M., Povedano-Díaz A. Journal article

Parental Style, Dating Violence and Gender

2020 Papancheva R., Dishkova M. Conference proceeding

Online tolerance among primary school children

2019 Moreno–Ruiz D., Martínez–Ferrer B., García–Bacete F. Journal article

Parenting styles, cyberaggression, and cybervictimization among adolescents

2019 Rivera R., Santos D., Grau M. et. al. Journal article

Family relationships and internet abuse in 25 European countries