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2014 Mostmans L., Bauwens J., Pierson J. Journal article

“I would never post that”: Children, moral sensitivity and online disclosure

2015 Montrieux H., Vanderlinde R., Schellens T. et. al. Journal article

Teaching and Learning with Mobile Technology: A Qualitative Explorative Study about the Introduction of Tablet Devices in Secondary Education

2017 de Almeida A.N., Delicado A. Book chapter

Orig. title: Crianças online: metodologias visuais, novas descobertas e desafios éticos

Engl. transl.: Children online: visual methodologies, new discoveries and ethical challenges

2017 Brito R., Dias P. Journal article

Orig. title: A participação ética de crianças com menos de 8 anos em investigação qualitativa

Engl. transl.: The participation of young children (under 8) in qualitative research

2019 Bochenek M., Lange R. Report and working paper

Orig. title: NASTOLATKI 3.0 Raport z ogólnopolskiego badania uczniów

Engl. transl.: TEENAGERS 3.0 Report from nationwide student research

2019 Beyens I., Valkenburg P. Journal article

Parental Media Mediation in Adolescence: A Comparative Study of Parent and Adolescent Reports

2021 Verbeij T., Pouwels J., Beyens I. et. al. Journal article

The accuracy and validity of self-reported social media use measures among adolescents

2021 Valkenburg P., Beyens I., Pouwels J. et. al. Journal article

Social Media Use and Adolescents’ Self-Esteem: Heading for a Person-Specific Media Effects Paradigm

2012 Tuukkanen T., Kankaanranta M., Wilska T. Journal article

Children’s life world as a perspective on their citizenship: The case of the Finnish Children’s Parliament

2017 van Rooij A., Ferguson C.J., van de Mheen D. et. al. Journal article

Time to abandon internet addiction? Predicting problematic internet, game, and social media use from psychosocial well-being and application use