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Orig. title: Bewegtbildnutzung bei Kindern

Engl. transl.: Children's video content usage

Study details

Year: 2017
Scope: National
Countries: Germany
Methodology: Empirical research – Mixed methods
Methods of data collection: Interview; Experimental / Quasi-experimental; Media diaries; Survey
Researched Groups: Children
Children Ages: Preschool (0-5 Years old); Kids (6-10 Years old); Pre-adolescents (11-13 Years old)
Funder: ZDF, ARD, KiKA
Funder Types: Other
Other Funder Type: public broadcaster
Informed Consent: Consent not mentioned
Ethics: Ethical considerations not mentioned
Data Set Availability: Not mentioned


The study aims to explore if the growing number of devices to access video content is changing consumer behaviour. Research questions: "How do families and children deal with the growing number of video content sources? How does the medial life change and which usage patterns develop?" (Frey-Vor, Schumacher, Weisser and Kluge 2019, 534; translated by the coder)

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